​Top 5 Music Venues in Glasgow


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Bored of attending the same old gigs ? regularly out in glasgow and bored of just drinking? Then look no further as we have found the top five venues in glasgow so you don't have to.

5. ABC

Number five on the list is the ABC in Glasgow. It's a newer venue that opened in 2005.The building itself is the art deco building which was one of scotland's first cinemas and it now has two music venues and four great bars inside. The Abc 2 venue has a capacity of 350 and is located on sauchiehall street. An upcoming gig to look out for in this venue is the band Breaking benjamin who are playing on Monday the 28th of august and the tickets cost £22.50. Breaking benjamin are known for songs such as the diary of jane, unknown soldier and i will not bow. If you're into heavy riffs and rough vocals this gigs for you. You can also get discounts on tickets for this or any other gigs through ticketmaster here.

4. Tchai-Ovna

The spot for number four on this list goes to the Tchai-Ovna which is located in the confusing maze that is the Bohemian West End of Glasgow at Otago lane. It's known as more of a D.I.Y hut but that adds to the general vibe of the venue. During the day you can enjoy a wide range of different teas and the venue has shisha pipes for you to use as you relax. If you're out and about this friday check out the flying penguins at eight o'clock they are an indie folk band that have described themselves as a rather mixed bunch of musicians hailing from scotland northern ireland and america.


The venue that's been chosen for the number three spot is Brel. The belgian bar is located on Ashton Lane and offers models and cold belgian beer. The music in this venue ranges from chilled jazz music out the back to different dj’s playing great music that keeps people dancing. Its also known for a place to spot celebrities if you're into that sorta thing. Unfortunately there are no upcoming advertised gigs at brel that i could find but be sure to check the place out if you're in the area as there could be live music on that isn't yet advertised.22. Nice n Sleazy

2. Nice n Sleazy

Nice n sleazy is known for having the best jukebox in glasgow and if that doesn't make you want to go it also offers cheap food and and great live music. This venues located at 421 sauchiehall street and an upcoming gig to look out for in this venue is the real adams bryan adams tribute night that costs a fiver to get into and starts at half seven on tuesday the fifth of september. So if you're in glasgow around then you can shout the lyrics to summer of 69 till your heart's content.

1. King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

Number one on the list goes to King Tut's wah Wah hut which is located at 272a st vincents street. This venue is where oasis were signed by Alan Mcgee after he heard them baiting the crowd from its small stage. Tut’s is known for being sweaty cramped and really loud the capacity for the venue is around three hundred so it's best to get there early so you don't end up stuck at the back. The drinks are reasonably cheap although it's a gig so you will probably have time to buy about 3 for the night due to how mobbed the bar usually is. An upcoming gig to look out for is jess and the bandits who are playing on the twelfth of september at half eight tickets are £13.20 from ticketmaster.