Guide to the Best Funeral Songs


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Guide to the Best Funeral Songs

Organising funerals can be an upsetting and stressful time for families. Ensuring you get the very best funeral director for your needs by using directory sites such as LocalFuneral ensures the process goes much smoother, allowing you to focus on the more personalised aspects of the event.

Funeral songs are an important aspect of the ceremony, as they allow personalisation of the event and honours the life of the deceased person.

Classical music and funeral hymns were once the traditional chosen funeral music, but over the past few decades, modern music has integrated into funeral ceremonies.

This list will compile some of the most popular funeral songs.

Angels by Robbie Williams

This classic pop ballad was released by Robbie Williams in 1997 and is chosen for people’s funerals partly due to the fitting lyrics and emotive melody.

My Way by Frank Sinatra

This particular song has been the most popular funeral song for many years. This is due to many reasons such as the status of Frank Sinatra as a musical icon and the optimistic lyrics that the song has. It has lines such as;

“I’ve lived a life that’s full, I travelled each and every highway, and more, much more than this, I did it my way.”

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle

This song is from the renowned comedy film by Monty Python the “Life of Brian”. This is a popular choice for funerals for people who want to add some light heartedness and humour to their funeral.

You Raise Me Up by Westlife

The song was originally written by a band called Secret Garden but reached worldwide success with the boy-band Westlife in 2005 and has become a popular funeral song due to the emotive nature of the melody and lyrics.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

For the more alternative music lovers, a popular funeral song choice is Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. It is chosen due to its sombre tone throughout and the emotional lyrics.

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Again, for the alternative music lovers a well-known rock ballad by one of the biggest rock bands Led Zeppelin is Stairway to Heaven. It is chosen due to its emotional melody and lyrics.